MY HAPPY PLANNER AND HOW IT WAS WORTH THE $23 + tons of pics // how this weekend went and yes i cried

YOU ASKED FOR A POST ON MY PLANNER SO HERE I AM (hope you enjoyed lookingstalking my planner photos hehehe I KNOW YOUR PLANS YOU CANNOT FOOL ME)

basically I have had a couple different planners over the past two years. The first one actually worked pretty fantastically, but legit was gigantic. I don't think I've ever had a notebook so large. Then, I moved on to my bullet journal, which was super small, but I had to make a new week sheet like constantly bc I never had enough time to plan ahead....which was really really hard for me bc I couldn't write down something which would be happening a few months in advance. uhg.

aka I was forgetting birthdays and big things like that SORRY MY FRIENDS.

I finally reached the point after I graduated and I just knew the bullet journal wasn't working anymore. I needed SOMETHING but it couldn't be something that was too small or too big, utterly blank or way too busy, covered in sections which I would never use, etc etc etc. 

I searched and searched and searched -- and found THE HAPPY PLANNER. (it lives up to it's name jsyk)

I first found it on Amazon, which was pretty neat but I was heading to town that day so I was like "okay I'll look at Walmart." THEY HAD IT. but for like $23.00. I cringed and winced and cried and whined and begged people for money (no not really jk) and finally was like "its like $2 a month." so I snapped out of it and calmed down. lol

of course tho I got home and shared about it on my insta story and a girl I know messaged me and was like I GOT THAT AT COSTCO FOR $12 AND ITS 48 MONTHS WITH STICKERS AND MARKERS TOO *crashes and booms and moans and sobs in the background*
nah. I'm fine. really. *groans* 

But, still, no matter what, it's been worth it. I'm able to plan AHEAD which is huge. I'm able to look back -- also there is enough space for me to add different things each month (like right now I am keeping my nano word count at the bottom + what I've written for the day just for my own mental count). I just really really love the freedom of having the planner planned and set for each week. (aka i'm getting lazy or really busy? I'll take the 2nd please) 

also its really cute. *grins* 

THIS WEEKEND GUYS OH GUYS OH GUYS REMEMBER HOW I TOLD YOU I WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT IT gosh. it was like a wonderful thing + a half. so so so memory filled. All I can keep thinking about was the laughs and stories told and the hugs then the saying goodbye and my grandpa telling me to go away bc I was crying. (in a total loving/choking on emotion way) 

well so far today has been the most relaxing of my entire summer. It won't last, sadly. but hey, I would get bored anyway. I'm thinking of doing another boho hair wrap also keep an eye out for my monthly post soon. It's gonna be a good one *grins* 



its just been one of those crazy hectic weeks where you run and run and run around getting so many things done but the gigantic pile of things NEEDED to be done keeps growing and its like HELP.  It's a neat hectic though. I'm learning so much. I'm enjoying so much. Our house project is going fabulously and I'm in love with how the kitchen is turning out. Absolutely in love. (also absolute is my newest and most used word of late) 

Last night I found out that the other library near us is hiring as well, so I quickly applied to there *crosses fingers* also also also today was like 900000 degrees or something -- work was so hot but on the bright side we got baby potatoes and OMW THEY ARE SO CUTE. After work, Sarah and I ran to our library where they were having a meeting. Its like a meeting where the teens can come and talk over ideas for new events....of course I'm like no longer a teen sooooo #whocares

I also got my first 3 slips into the grand prize box today. uhm. don't ask (UHG HOW IS SUMMER READING ALREADY ALMOST DONE?!??!?!)

We went kayaking on the river on the weekend.....totally forgot to bring snacks or water for the 4 hour trip. #badidea BUT WE DID GET ICE CREAM AFTERWARDS. which was actually 100% accurate bc it was national ice cream day and we didn't even know it. *nods* 

I get to maybe volunteer to be the librarian's right hand lady at the summer reading finale party*coughcough* (more like instant rule enforcer and loud speaker) BUT STILL. this growing up thing is hard but I'm working my way into still doing the things I love -- can't stop me hhehehee

I bought a fidget spinner today. #ifell

ALSO THIS WEEKEND GUYS. oh. my. word. okay so my grandparents are coming for a visit (the ones i visited on the east coast) and its like SOO exciting bc now we get to show them our favorite places and idk. I just can't wait to see them again <333333 

I'm so behind in my word count for nano its not even funny...i had to lower my goal I think twice? It's really hard to let myself do that, but at the moment, life is so full and I'm really loving that and it's okay. I'm still writing poetry and keeping conversations going on in my head with my characters. #writers I will finish this novel -- then I have some new ideas (I think I'll do a post on those later k)

btw MY HAPPY PLANNER WAS SO WORTH THE $23 DOLLARS LIKE IM NOT EVEN SORRY I SPENT THAT. (i mean still its expensive *cough*) do you guys want me to do a post on that?? I think I asked but am not sure #mybrainisfried

did you know that Wendy's has $0.50 frostys right now? well, now you do. get one. (or like 55029508629886 like i have)



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